The associations of the Joubert centre

The Joubert centre is a place of sharing and collaboration between the associations of elected representatives and the associations of territories.

Made up in 2012 by six associations (ACUF and AMGVF which became France Urbaine, AdCF, FNAU, GART, Ville & Banlieue) in the form of an Economic Interest Grouping (GIE), the Joubert centre represents the rapprochement between different organisations of local authorities to give them more weigh and more visibility. Apart from the pooling of resources, this project has reinforced the cooperations between associations. The team of experts gathered street Joubert in this centre allows its members to develop initiatives benefitting to their adherents (legislative work, studies) and to lead operations on specific thematics (parking or metropolitan centres). The members of the GIE collaborate also with external networks to develop various partnerships or studies. Eight other associations of elected representatives and of territories are also hosted in the premises street Joubert.

AdCF : Assemblée des communautés de France

France Urbaine

GART : Groupement des Autorités Responsables de Transport

AMVBF : Ville & Banlieue








Terres en villes