The associations of the Joubert centre

The Joubert centre is a place of sharing and collaboration between the associations of elected representatives and the associations of territories.

Made up in 2012 by six associations (ACUF and AMGVF which became France Urbaine, AdCF, FNAU, GART, Ville & Banlieue) in the form of an Economic Interest Grouping (GIE), the Joubert centre represents the rapprochement between different organisations of local authorities to give them more weigh and more visibility. Apart from the pooling of resources, this project has reinforced the cooperations between associations. The team of experts gathered street Joubert in this centre allows its members to develop initiatives benefitting to their adherents (legislative work, studies) and to lead operations on specific thematics (parking or metropolitan centres). The members of the GIE collaborate also with external networks to develop various partnerships or studies. Eight other associations of elected representatives and of territories are also hosted in the premises street Joubert.

AdCF : Assemblée des communautés de France

The Assemblée des communautés de France (Assembly of French communities) federates 1241 inter-communalities, among them 219 urban municipalities. AdCF aims to promote intercommunal cooperation in participating to the elaboration of the law, but acts also as a technical support for local elected and their technicians. It is also involved in helping on financing, juridical and institutional matters, in particular related to intercommunal capacities.

France Urbaine  

fuBorn from the fusion between the Association des Communautés urbaines de France (French urban municipalities association) and the association des Maires de Grandes Villes de France (association of the major French cities Mayors), France Urbaine gathers the metropolises, the large municipalities, the core cities and their surburban cities. It counts 96 members and represents 30 millions of inhabitants. This association aims to promote urban projects toward public authorities and all citizens.

GART : Groupement des Autorités Responsables de Transport

The purpose of the groupement des autorités responsables du transport (Consortium of authorities responsible for transport) is to promote and develop the questions related to public mobility on the French territory, and to develop public transports in France. It gathers more than 270 authorities in charge of the organisation of transport services. The mission of the GART is to enhance inspiring practices and to moderate the debate about transport, in proposing innovative and sustainable solutions.


adgcfThe Association des directeurs généraux des communautés de France (Association of the municipalities’ general directors of France) gathers the communities of municipalities’ general directors and urban agglomerations, therefore 900 top executives. The association aims to create links between the different members but also to promote the intercommunal dynamic and the inter-territorial cooperation.


amarisThe Association nationale des collectivités pour la maîtrise des risques technologiques majeurs (French national association of municipalities for the management of major technological risks) gathers municipalities, intercommunities and regions welcoming on their territories industrial activities presenting risks or pipelines for the transport of dangerous materials.


AMORCE is the national association of local authorities in charge of local waste management and of the territorial policies on energy-climate and heat network.


Logo ANPPThe Association nationale des pôles territoriaux et des pays (National association of territorial poles and pays) aims to represent the interests of the pays and to foster the sharing of experiences between territories.


Logo CNCDThe Coordination nationale des conseils de développement (National coordination of councils for development) federates councils of development of all French territories. Its missions are to promote participatory democracy and to develop partnerships with training structures for local authorities.


LogoFedeSCoTThe ambition of the federation is to gather all structures carrying SCOT (Scheme of territorial coherence).


Logo flameThe fédération des agences locales de maîtrise de l’énergie et du climat (Federation of local agencies for the control of energy and climate) aims to support local authorities in the creation of ALEC and to spread a capitalized expertise on energy and climate.

Terres en villes

terres-en-villesTerre en villes (Earth in cities) is a French network of local stakeholders who work on suburban agriculture and on open suburban areas. It fosters exchanges between urban and suburban territories, French and non-french, involved in agricultural and forest policies.


The Institut des hautes études en aménagement et développement des territoires en Europe (Institute of high studies in planning and development of territories in Europe) propose to senior professionals in territorial development – elected, company managers, actors from social associations, journalists, State and local authorities officials – a training cycle aiming to put in debate fundamental subjects on territorial development. Partners and auditors are fully associated along the cycle which offers an original pedagogy.

Agence France Locale

The Agence France locale (French local agency) is a funding agency created in 2013 by 11 local authorities (one region, 3 departments, 4 EPCI – Public intercommunal cooperative institution- and 3 municipalities). Its mission is to fund the investment of all local authorities in France in order to allow them to loan in a simple, effective and transparent way. Created from a political will, Agence France locale is a credit institution specialized and authorised by the law of separation and of regulation of banking activities of the 26th of July 2013.

France Ville Durable

France Ville Durable (Sustainable City by France, SCbF) is an NGO born from the coming together of the Institut pour la Ville Durable (IVD – French Sustainable-City Institute) and the Vivapolis network, initiated by the French government. These two structures gave way to Sustainable City by France on 18 December 2019, following the transformation of the IVD’s statutes, approved by the association’s extraordinary general assembly. SCbF is, first and foremost, a place for capitalisation, sharing, and support in the implementation of French expertise and know-how for sustainable cities, both in France and abroad, as part of a “do tank”.