The FNAU, technical coordination of the MTPA network


The FNAU carries the technical coordination of the global network of urban planning agencies, the “Metropolitan and territorial planning agencies global network” (MTPA), an association under the French law. The network is chaired by Jean Rottner, president of the FNAU. The MTPA is also co-chaired by Brigitte Bariol-Mathais, general delegate of the FNAU and Mahamoudou Wadidié, director of the Regional development agency of Bamako.

The MTPA has been created during the Habitat III conference of the United Nations on housing and sustainable urban development, in october 2016 in Quito, with the network of urban planning agencies of France (FNAU), of Mexico (AMIMP) and of Morrocco (MAJAL), and with other urban planning agencies from abroad.

The MTPA has the objective of connecting and gathering urban planning agencies as tools for the implementation of the urban agenda. These objectives are to create a shared plateform to exchange knowledges, experiences and foster the creation of urban planning agencies.


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© MTPA – Network launch on the French pavillon at Un Habitat III, 2016