International actions


Although the questions stand differently in each region of the world, urban explosion in the recent decades is a global issue, to which a coordinated response needs to be addressed. Therefore, urban planning agencies gain from associating and engaging in international cooperation projects, as well as being present in international debates.

Appraising the expertise of French urban planning agencies in terms of observation, planning, decentralization, the fabric of medium-sized cities, public and political project management (etc.) is an integral part of the missions of FNAU, and contributes to its radiance.


The FNAU with urban planning agencies, is contributing to the debates on cities and to support the creation of urban planning agencies (to discover more about it : here).


The FNAU is the technical coordination of the French Partnership for Cities and Territories (PFVT), the platform of French actors working on urban planning abroad, to prepare the World Urban Forums of UN-Habitat (to discover more about it : here).


The FNAU is coordinating the MTPA, the global network of urban planning agencies, which objectif is to gather urban planning agencies in the world and for them to share their experiences and knowledges on cities and territories (to discover more about it : here).


The FNAU is conducting the coalition on “Planning cities in a sustainable way” allowing the identification of the stakes and the ways to implement the roadmap on planning sustainable cities (to discover more about it : here).