Great Amiens Agency for Development and Urban planning

History and status

The Development and Urban planning agency of Amiens (Aguda) was created on August, 29th 2005 by the Picardie region. Since October, 17th 2005, the agency help local authorities that are located in the Grand Amienois Region. The agency is composed by fifteen collaborators, with different academic and professional background, who aim to build a local engineering for the general interest in order to implement a sustainable development in the Amiens metropolitan area.

As the other 50 urban and planning agencies, Aguda is directed by an executive board composed by 72 members. Six of them represent the government, the Region and counties, the 66 other represent local authorities of the Grand Amiens and joint associations of municipalities (Syndicat mixte de pays).


Key words for Aguda actions are partnership, multidisciplinarity and mutualisation. They sum up the will to work together on a local scale for the territory. The agency helped to elaborate the SCoT (territorial planning document) for the Grand Amiénois.

The agency team’s work is divided in six fields:

  1. Observation. In order to collect, capitalise and disseminate informations to members and public institutions to understand and get to know the territory better?
  2. Planning. For the different urban and territorial planning documents.
  3. Thematic analysis. To lead research and studies on specific themes (public transportation, housing, demography, infrastructures).
  4. Territorial projects. To assist local authorities in infrastructures and equipments projects and procedures.
  5. Public debate and communication. Aguda contributes to the dissemination of informations and knowledge about the Grand Amiénois as well as territorial and urban planning issues.
  6. Joint association of municipalities assistance. To support technically and on organisational level the joint association of municipalities.