Grenoble Region urban planning agency

Grenoble Region urban planning agency have worked with Grenoble agglomeration and local authorities for fifty years. This work have been based on projects, analysis, support and prospects about the different territories : urban spaces, country side, mountains… This partnership have been nourished by capitalisation and collective work.

The agency contributes to implement dialog and aims to share visions, strategies, projects, join actors to work together. The agency’s work is both political and technical and use different skills to respond to present context and to prepare the future. The agency is composed by about sixty collaborators who bring their different background in order to adapt to the current changing context.

For Grenoble Region urban planning agency 8 subjects are priorities for urban planning:

  • energy transition
  • protection of biodiversity
  • protection of health and good living conditions
  • implementation of social cohesion
  • development of new kind of transport
  • territory and new economical pattern interdependency
  • smart cities development
  • implementation of collaborative decision-making process for urban policies and projects