Club International

The activities of the Club International are oriented toward the participation of the Fnau and the agencies to international debates about urban and territorial development. The Club is involved in various networks like:


  • The World urban campaign of UN-Habitat in which the FNAU is partner and the Institut Paris Region is principal partner. This partnership leads them to participate to World Urban Forums organized by UN-Habitat and to implement common actions of non-states stakeholders;


  • Climate Chance for which the FNAU animates a coalition on territorial planning supported by the PFVT, XX4NRG and Institut Paris Region, which leads them to participate to international meetings with no-state actors involved in climate actions;


  • The MTPA-gn (Metropolitan and territorial planning agencies – global network). The MTPA was founded in August 2017 in Paris with French, Mexican and Moroccan networks of urban planning agencies, and with the agencies of Bamako, of Ile-de-France, Lyon, Paris, Beijing and Sao Paolo. Partnership agreements are also in preparation with the involvment of the French Development Agency (AFD), Un-Habitat and Metropolis, in order to foster the creation of urban planning agencies in countries in development. A guide for the creation of urban planning agencies has been publish in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Arab and Persian. The network is animated by a worldwide mobilization of urban planning agencies, the creation of a website, and international meetings.


International actions of urban planning agencies are opportunities of exchanging about their activities; foster a synergy to answer the demands of local authorities, in particular under the form of contracts. Those actions help enhancing urban planning agencies and fostering the spread of their know-how in Europe and at an international scope.


Marianne Malez (Fnau), Eric Huybrechts (Ile-de-France), moderates this Club. The referent director is Brigitte Bariol-Mathais.