9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur

The 9th World Urban Forum - WUF9 - is being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February 2018. This...

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Strasbourg - 08 novembre 2017

Urban Thinkers Campus "International urban commitments vs. local implementations"

Within the framework of the World Urban Campaign driven by UN-Habitat, this Urban Thinkers Campus...

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Quito, Equateur - 17 octobre 2016 au 20 octobre 2016

Habitat III in Quito

The Habitat summits take place every 20 years on the initiative of UN-Habitat, to provide the gui...

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Nantes - 26 septembre 2016 au 28 septembre 2016

Climate Chance

On September 26th, 27th and 28th of 2016, the Climate Chance summit has taken place in Nantes, th...

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Paris - 29 novembre 2015 au 08 décembre 2015

The agencies network at the COP 21

The FNAU and urban planning agencies engage in the frame of the COP21, through events, TV shows a...

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Paris - 20 janvier 2016 au 21 janvier 2016

Campus urbain de Paris - Urban Thinker Campus

Around 30 Urban Thinkers Campus are taking place worldwide on the initiative of the World Urban C...

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Dunkirk - 26 janvier 2016 au 28 janvier 2016

European conferences for energy transition

During the European conferences for energy transition taking place in Dunkirk from January 26th t...

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Brussels - 09 octobre 2013

RFSC and open days in Brussels

During the open days on the 9th of october 2013 in Brussels, the feedback forms about the RFSC ha...

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Nancy - 10 décembre 2012

European seminar about the observation of cross-border territories

The DATAR, the Transfrontier Operational Mission (MOT) and the French network of Urban Planning A...

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