9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur

Event details :

The 9th World Urban Forum – WUF9 – is being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in February 2018. This global meeting is the first step towards the implementation of the new Urban Agenda, adopted during the Habitat III Conference: the opportunity to build the cities of tomorrow, cities for all.


The WUF9 brings together all the actors concerned by urban and territorial issues. This international meeting gathers every two years the national governments but also local authorities, cities themselves, as well as the civil society, the associative world, the private sector and the academics to share their knowledge and imagine together solutions for sustainable urban development. This edition aims to support and design the implementation at the local level of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda, adopted at the Habitat III Conference in Quito in 2016.


The FNAU will present the expertise of French urban planning agencies, and how it collaborates to implement the international commitments in terms of sustainable development, through its engineering. To prepare for this major international meeting of urban actors, the FNAU actively took part in the preparatory working groups of the PFVT (French Partnership for Cities and Territories) which coordinates the French delegation. The organization of an Urban Thinkers Campus of Strasbourg (in the framework of the World Urban Campaign on November 8, 2017 and in parallel with the 38th national congress of urban planning agencies), also strongly nourished the proposals brought to Kuala Lumpur.


The FNAU contributes through various events to the WUF9.


For a networking event led by the FNAU:

Ø February 12th

The FNAU will carry an ambitious proposal regarding digital and data challenges for the cities of tomorrow. In collaboration with actors with diverse experiences, with UN-Habitat and representatives of the companies, we intend to support the creation of international guidelines to frame the data and digital development in the smart cities of tomorrow, to ensure it contributes to the implementation of social and territorial inclusion. Programme


For the MTPA network:

Ø February 8th : presentation of the MTPA global network on the French Pavilion

Ø February 13th : networking event of the MTPA network, mobilized for climate planning – programme


With its partners on other occasions :

Ø February 9th : on the German Pavilion to present the challenges and engineering developed in France for the implementation of the SDGs

Ø February 8th and 9th : for the P4CA project (Planners for Climate Action) led by UN-Habitat and the ISOCARP network

Ø February 10th and 11th : reporting our actions for the initiatives of UN Habitat and the World Urban Campaign (urban campuses, urban labs etc.)

Ø February 12th : at the networking event of the Association of South African Local Authorities, which is the occasion to officially launch the book on international guidelines for sustainable planning


For this World Urban Forum, the FNAU is represented by its General Delegate and accompanied by parliamentarians, senators and experts specialized in territorial and sustainable development: Hubert Julien Laferrière, Luc Belot, Claude Raynal and Ronan Dantec.

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